Saturday, January 5, 2013

T'was the season!

Cuddles, mulled wine, fireplaces, gingerbread, catchups, late nights, Mr. Christmas (the singing Christmas Tree) and eggnog sums up our wonderful holiday season with my lovely Amelia and her (and my adopted) family. A little different to the BBQ's and pool parties I'm used to for Christmas! It was really wonderful- so nice to be back with a family, it really felt like a piece of home to be with them.
Strawberries on toasted panettone for breakfast- amazing!
They live in beautiful Georgetown- by far my favourite neighbourhood in Washington! Full of cute cobble-stoned streets, gorgeous old townhouses, pubs, bars and vintage stores- full of character.
Out on a post-Christmas-breakfast, pre-Christmas-lunch wander
Christmas ham with pear and cranberries- soo good!!
AND mashed pavlova for dessert- amazing!
My adopted parents- thank you so much for having us in your lovely home- can't wait for you to be back in Canberra!! x
 One awesome thing we did whilst in Washington was visit the Mansion on O street- a super quirky and super awesome hotel/museum/garage sale/antique shop/maze! It's pretty hard to explain the place without seeing it with your own eyes but I'll give it a go! It's basically a row of conjoined townhouses owned by a veteran in the music world who has collected a vast array of amazing memorabilia- from guitars signed by Elvis and John Lennon, to incredible artwork, random furniture and an amazing collection of ridiculously expensive French wines. The place consists of hundreds of rooms and something like 30 different secret doors- behind bookcases and mirrors- it's pretty crazy, and so much fun to explore.
 Amy with Elvis' guitar...!
Some awesome cowboy boots and James Dean VHS collection.
 We also of course managed to squeeze in the classic touristing- here at Lincoln memorial
 Saying hi to our big buddy Abaraham
 Capitol Building- and a tad bit of rain
 The air and space museum was Tim's favourite- the little nerd (admittedly I thought it was pretty cool too)
 We saw a pretty cool film in the dome-like einstein planetarium all about stars, galaxies and their creations- pretty awesome even for non-science-nerds.
 Said hi to my good friend Obama
 Pretty much my favourite Christmas tree ever!
 On our last night we had dinner in Martin's Tavern- famous for being the place Where JFK proposed to Jackie!
A belated Merry Christmas to everyone at home and friend all over the world- hope it was as magical as mine. x

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