Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow flake

 I've never seen SO MUCH SNOW IN MY LIFE. Well, I guess being from a country that is 70% desert doesn't give me much chance, but still. Whistler was freaking awesome. So beautiful. Fresh, fluffy powder. Blue skies. Striking mountain peaks.
 Sadly I only got shots from around the base since I didn't take my camera skiing, but it was pretty breathtaking up there.
 Our cute little snow-cased lodge
 We spent three nights in Whistler- but it could have been much longer. I thought it might be overly touristy (and more filled with Aussies than at home)- and it was a bit (particularly the Aussie bit), but it was just so gorgeous, and so much fun. We stayed creekside, not right in the village so I don't have pics of the village, but it was really cute, lots of pubs and restaurants. We went skiing two days- one a bit foggy and snowing, one frosty but gorgeously clear. It was amazing. Gemma was a little speed demon, so I let her and Tim go off on their double black runs whilst I cruised down some slightly less terrifying  ones. It was pretty great for most levels though, since you could make your way to the top of the mountains and still get down on non-life-threatening runs. Although I still managed to crash multiple times into piles of powder. You could say I'm not used to real snow. 
A winter wonderland. x

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