Saturday, January 26, 2013

Island Dreaming

Next stop on our way south was the sweet little island capital of BC- Victoria. A gorgeous little city filled with little cafes, book stores and markets.
On the ferry over!
 Parliament House
 Who's been there?!
 A TIME CAPSULE! So cool. Who knows what they will find in 2067!? Awesome.
 You can't really see this properly- but this man came through a park we were in and started whistling to the ducks, WHO ALL FOLLOWED him like little puppies!! About 50 of them all waddled after him, pretty cute.
 Nova Scotia pride! 
Munro's Books! Best book store ever (well.. actually, best book store I had found until this point... there was a very strong contender in Portland too.. for another post).
Victoria Market Place. It was really pretty around here, but the market was a bit deserted, even on a Saturday. I assume its a bit more bustling in Summer, but there was still a lot to see in the town even in sleepy Winter,
Next stop... across the border to the U S of A! Keep tuned in ;) x

P.S HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! We've actually been celebrating in style in San Fran.. I'll write about it soon! OH AND WE GET HOME IN 4 DAYS WHAAAT?! There better be sunshine and lots of cuddles waiting for me. Yay!

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