Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here comes the sun

Out of a total eight days (going in and out) we spent in Vancouver- two were sunny! Not too bad odds really, I wasn't expecting much after five days straight of rain.
We came back to Vancouver for two days after Whistler to catch up with even more Kiwi mates (who knew we could stand so many of them), Lucas 'liability' (below, left) and Tom 'Tombits'. 

We ventured out into the suburbs to check out UBC- University of British Columbia. HUGE campus- with a gorgeous view of the mountains, and even their own museums. Pretty cool place. We were mostly excited by the iced over ponds and little squirrels running around- spot the tourist?
The boys gallivanting and smashing ice
The 'echo circle'- where you stand in the middle looking a bit of a fool, but then you speak and your voice echoes back to you!
Vancouver- you were really good to us! We loved the West coast- stunningly beautiful and really chilled. We also had to say goodbye to the boys, for now- miss you fools! x

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