Friday, December 28, 2012


Merry Christmas to my friends near and far, hope all my loves had a wonderful time, I sure did! Before that though, we spent a few days in the Canadian capital! Ottawa is massively underrated in my opinion- it's a beautiful city, and we had a lot of fun there! Here are some of my favourite snaps from our time in the city as well as staying with our lovely friend Jess a bit out of the city. THERE WAS SO MUCH SNOW. It was awesome. We were a bit excited.
Downtown Ottawa and the 'Beaver Tail' shack- not the tails of little furry national animals, I promise (but a delicious pastry creation)
 Some cute dorky tourist I found on the street
 Posing in front of our accommodation for the first two nights- Ottawa jail. But actually! (it has been renovated into a hostel, don't worry).
 Walking up to Ottawa Parliament. Slightly more impressive than our own government buildings I'd say! The tour was actually really wonderful, too.
 Found a nice old lady to have some tea with
 And another nice lady offered to take Tim's coat, so nice of her!
 Some tough guy.
 Making some seriously impressive snowmen!
 'And in the morning, I'm makin' waffles!'
 Canada, your capital city is pretty damn cool. x

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