Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wild West

Despite being on the opposite side of the country, it felt strangely familiar coming back into Canada with our arrival in Vancouver. Same Canadian sense of humour, same relaxed lifestyle- if perhaps not quite as ridiculously friendly as the east. The difference of course was the landscape- being surrounded by jutting mountains and gigantic pine forests- the West is pretty spectacular. It also meant being reunited with Gemma- our Kiwi friend who has been our companion since then, and will be for a while longer! Yay!
Little glimpse of Gastown- my favourite neighbourhood in Van. 
 I love that the gorgeous mountain view peeks out from the streets. It was super cloudy our first few days here though, it has actually cleared up a lot since which is good!
 The Gastown old steam clock- not actually run on steam, but actually functioning as a ver fancy steam vent!
 These leaf imprints were all over the sidewalks- so cool!
 Beside the city is the huge and gorgeous Stanley park. We had a wonderful (albeit a bit wet) day cycling around, admiring the huge redwoods and ocean views.
 Totem poles!
 The amazing 'girl in wetsuit' sculpture! We were pretty excited ;)
 The next day we had another nature adventure- this time to Lynn Canyon park. Stunning scenery, amazing waterfalls, more ginormous trees, awesome (but again, wet) hikes, and a suspension bridge!
 On the lookout for some moose- found some!
Loving the West! x

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