Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ho, Hey!

HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS! We had an epic week in New York, living it up in style! Was a pretty perfect way to bring in a new year, with wonderful friends in an amazing city.
 These photos were from the New York Highline- an old railway converted into a park running along the rooftop line of the west village. The lighting made us look like models. At least in our minds. ;)
Cutie sisters. Was so fun to be with you, Jana & Maja- love you both! x
We had a wonderful lunch on our first day in the boathouse in central park, it was a truly glorious day.
 I was super impressed that they had a little Swedish bakery over in Williamsburg! Brooklyn generally, and particularly Williamsburg, was super funky- I would totally stay over there next time and check out more of the cute bars and pubs around there!
Beacon's closet-vintage haven! If only I had unlimited dollars and bag space...
We met our Danish buddy from Halifax in Williamsburg for lunch- so nice to see you, Simon!
Nutella and strawberry crepes from Chelsea Markets- SO gooood
Of course we had to go see Carrie's house in West Village! Sex and the Cited it up with a trip to Magnolia Bakery as well.
Our amazing at-home spread for NYE- so much yum!
NYE was awesome- we had some scrumptious tapas and lots of champagne in our amazing apartment in the financial district before heading over to Irving Plaza where we went to a super fun alternative-electronic-rock concert- Blonde Redhead, a personal fave. We decided against joining the other million people in Times Square-which of course could have been something to experience I'm sure.. but it was fucking cold. And you had to wait outside for like 9 hours. So I'm pretty pleased with our choice! We all had a wonderful night- they put on a great show, and we had lots of fun dancing and being merry- a great way to bring in another year!
We also had the chance to catch up with some other friends from Halifax- Jess (in the photo above) and Nicole. It was so so lovely to see these girls, goodbyes always suck and it was nice seeing them one last time (for now), even if it was still hard to let them go! But really, its not goodbye, it's see you again some other day, some other place. I really believe that if you want to see someone again, you will. The world is pretty small, really. Love you pretty ladies. See you some time! <3
We went up the Empire State for a night view, gorgeous.
Besides catching the subway over to Williamsburg, we also decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge over to the heights. A beautiful, sunny winters day and some wonderful views! (also, the tiger beanie is a bit of Dalhouse pride- our school mascot, ha!)
We had a little bit of pizza whilst there! Just a little, you know. YUM.

HO, HEY! I belong to you, you to belong to me, you're my sweetheart.
This song seemed to follow me around, I love it.

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