Monday, November 5, 2012


Last week/end was my first real taste of Halloween! Sure, we know the drill back home- trick-or-treating, ghosts, vampires, zombies and pumpkins, but it's seen as a very North American tradition that we don't really get into. But I have to say- I love it. There aren't many holidays that are truly just about having fun- eating candy, telling ghost stories, carving pumpkins and just enjoying the vibe. Christmas, easter, birthdays, thanksgiving- all come with expectations- presents, family gatherings etc- and whilst I also love making the effort, its pretty great to just dress up, drink, dance and eat all the chocolate, candy and creepy-themed food you can find! We went to a few different house parties over the week- with international and Canadian friends alike. I didn't manage too many photos over the week- we were having too much fun, clearly! But here are some phone/stolen-from-friends snaps :)
 Bjorn Borg- complete with vintage tennis racket!
 Anna Banana ;)

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