Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall feeling

You would think I've never experienced an autumn before by the way I'm mesmerised by the carpets of yellow, orange and red lining the streets and decking the forests right now. And I haven't, really- fall here is so different to at home. Sure, the leaves turn momentarily yellow but then they seem to instantly drop and turn into brown mush- whereas here they seem to light up the grey days for months. I don't know, maybe I'm just paying more attention here- I should do that more often. But it definitely seems to be appreciated much more here- celebrated with pumpkin/cinnamon everythings. I love it.

Here are some photos from this past weekend, when we went on a little trip to Prince Edward Island with my lovely friend Johanna and her man, Peter, who was visiting from Sweden.
Pumpkin ale- what did I tell you? They do pumpkin everything! Surprisingly tasty too!
Tim liked it :)
Prince Edward Island is absolutely stunning- rolling green hills and paddocks, red sand beaches and sparkling lakes. One thing it is known for- and one of the reasons I had to see it- is that it was the setting for LM Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables! The books and movie were a big part of my childhood- mostly inherited from my big sis Julia who had pretty much the whole collection of Anne books (which I stole. and gave back, eventually...). I wish you could have come with me, Lala- it was so pretty.
 So this is a recreation of Anne's house based on the books and movies and located in Cavendish, close to where Montgomery grew up and where she got a lot of her inspiration.
 The first night we stayed in an adorable cottage up the north of the island, but the second night we stayed in Charlottown- the biggest town in PEI. Charlottown was gorgeous- so sweet and quaint, with the few streets of downtown lined with cute pubs and great restaurants. It was similar to Halifax, just as friendly and fun, but smaller of course.
 We even got fancy in a hotel!
 A separate language, you know!
A wonderful weekend away! x

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