Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the little things

I've been trying to make the most of my last few weeks here, and today I had a wonderful date with myself- strolling through some new neighbourhoods, and visiting spots I already love.
 How cool is this colourful brick wall?!
 Sweet graffiti- Halifax Commons.
 Bare trees.
 If only I had unlimited bag-space. Amazing collection of pretty things in there.
 Some of the last leaves.
 Love your style, Halifax.
 How cool is that sign?
A stroll through the hydtrostone neighbourhood, North Halifax. This area was completely flattened by the Halifax explosion of 1917, and subsequently rebuilt using 'hydrostone', rather than the previous flimsy wooden structure. Now a pretty cool little row of houses with a cute bakery and some sweet little eateries.
Oh. And I got bored of being blonde! Byebye, blondie!

My days right now are punctuated with:

Coffee dates. Movie nights on weekdays. Too much maple. Falling leaves. First frost. Amazing sushi. Runs through the woods. New neighbourhoods. New friends. Feels-like-forever friends. Missing home. Loving my new home. Sad to leave so soon. Last weeks of uni. Passionate debates. Vintage finds. Me dates. New hair. Winter chill. Christmas lights. Travel planning. Flights booking. Daydreaming. So much love.

The little things count x

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