Wednesday, November 14, 2012

French twist

Our latest adventures involved 22 hours of driving across three Canadian provinces, lots of coffee and sugar-high-inducing slushies, slightly delirious wandering through streets of a usually-bustling city hours before it has woken up, musings through a wonderful art museum, strolls, gorgeous views and cheeky squirrels, catchups with long-lost friends, sticky floors and seedy nightclubs, cobbled stones and french confusion, freezing temperatures, millions of layers and warm drinks, great food and even better company! It was pretty epic.
We spent the long weekend between the two most European cities in North America; Montreal and Quebec city.
The Fine Arts Museum had some wonderful exhibitions- I especially liked the innuit display of intricate, beautiful sculptures like this cute little Elk.
From the somewhat more modern art collection!
 A Dane and a Scotsman up Mont Royal
 Of course, I had to sample the shopping as well... on Saint Laurent Boulevard
 Schwartz's famous smoked meat sandwich shop, quite the queue!

 Our street in old Quebec City- so beautiful and European!
My firsQuébécois meal in Quebec City- yum!
 Even the subway was fancy!
 Place Royal
 An amazing mural in Place Royal
 Maple shop/museum!
 Some more amazing street art on Saint Joseph, as I ventured outside the old town
 Saint Joseph
 Grande Alee
 Our last night spent having a wonderful, romantic dinner date with two lovely ladies, Hannah and Gemma.
 This. Was. AMAZING.. the picture cannot do it justice- warm, sticky, crunchy-topped, maple-syrup pudding! Soooo gooooood.

A magical few days x

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