Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last Month blues

Time has passed so quickly, I'm trying really hard not to hate on it for passing me by every day. I'm going to be so sad to leave this place, it really does feel like home to me now. But, I've just got to make the most of the last month I have here! Not too many travel plans on the horizon (until the end of semester, that is), just hanging out with wonderful friends, frequenting favourite places and finishing up uni work. The lifestyle here is going to be tough to leave behind, though. No real responsibilities, no work, no worries- it couldn't be better.

Here are some random snaps from around Halifax, I love this place.

The pond in the public gardens from a few weeks ago when it was a bit more green.

I have been lapping up living on the coast- the harbour is so lovely.
A day supporting the Dal rugby team
Some pretty friends, Emily and Maria
 More pretty friends- Julie and Kathlyne
  Love this girl- Anna Banana and Anne Banane <3
And lastly, a blurry pic from one of many trips to one of my favourite coffee shops- steve o reno's- many a study day has been spent here.

Although I will be supremely sad to leave here, I do go through bouts of home-missing, and it will be nice to cuddle lots of my lovelies back home. 
Today has been one of those days, as my thoughts have been with one of my best friends going through a tough time, miss you Amy love.

This song has been on repeat in my little dorm room today, perfect mix of nostalgia and sweetness;


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