Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day Dreamer

I neeeeed to get outside! Three exams down, two to go (in FOUR days. yah.) I'm getting somewhat restless, you could say. I'm not really used to this midterm business, I would say it is the one major difference in structure between the courses here and at home. Ah well, after this week it won't be too bad, I'll live.
The above picture is of a house on (the other end) of our street- how crazy! I want to live there, please. Casual castle, in the middle of downtown, why not? I am alternatively dreaming about being outside all day instead of stuck inside studying (then I remember that it is FREEZING, and its not so bad) and about my life as a princess in this castle. Both reasonable, right?
The once or twice I've been away from the library this week has been for a run in Point Pleasant Park, isn't it... pleasant?
Hanging out for the end of this week, halloween celebrations and less stress sound pretty sa-weet right now. Also thinking of my amazingly talented and smart friend Nicky at home, handing in her epic honours thesis this week- so proud of you.
This is my 'excited for Nicola I want to give her a big squishy hug' face. As I said- I need to get out. ;) x

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