Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snowmen and Sea Creatures

 My friend Jess had a Jello (read:jelly!) shot and ugly-christmas sweater party on the weekend. Pretty much the best thing EVER! Awkwardly and unattractively scooping liquored-up wobbly stuff out of little plastic shot glasses with your tongue, whilst wearing a hideous festive-themed knitted monstrosity. Awesome.
But seriously. look at those little guys! Jess put in so much effort, the shots were actually amazing!! There were red/white wine ones, ones with little teddies drowning (and one committing suicide.. poor guy), ones with grapes, watermelon ones, blue/green ones, whisky ones.. it was incredible!
 To add insult to injury: the compulsory party hat! She looks pleased.
 Slaandjivaa! (to your health! in Gaellic)
Such good times! x

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