Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy accidents

Our trip ended much like the rest of it went- in a blur of happy accidents. We were planning to have our last few nights in a nice little bed and breakfast in San Fransisco, as a little treat and change from our standard hostel accommodation (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, most of the time, by the way!). So, with the generosity of Tim's wonderful Mum who gave him a voucher from here (which let us pick a bed and breakfast pretty much anywhere in Canada/US), Tim booked us into a place called Zaballa House.
 It was absolutely adorable. BUT. It was not in San Fransisco! Ha! Which we only realised a week or so before we got there. You see, this place had two locations. One- in San Fransisco near Castro district. The other- in a sleepy little beach town about an hour away, called Half Moon Bay. I guess you can figure by now which one we accidentally booked!
We are so glad we did. Even the bus ride through the rocky, stunning coast was stunning, only to pull up in this adorable little place teeming with hospitality, warmth and relaxation. It was pretty magical.
The town Jail! I presume they don't have too many criminals?!
Most delicious pumpkin and cinnamon-spiced cream cheese cookie of amazingness!I was pretty into it.
Eucalyptus invasion everywhere in the San Fran area!! 
Pleased to see more sun!!
The night before we left we spent at the local brewery, which was simply awesome!! They had a local grass/blues band playing who was so, so cool, and the beer was delicious! I actually think American beer was much better than I thought- lots of great local breweries around!
Tim sipping on the deadly but delicious wine-like stout.
I liked it too, apparently
Our last day was spent wandering around this sweet little town, passing the local farms and little shops and strolling the beautiful beach.
And eating more pastries. I may have fallen a little in love with the amazing bakery round the corner!
How weirdly awesome are these giraffe sculptures casually hanging out in someones front yard?! I kind of want one!!
Love. I loved Half Moon Bay. I loved the west coast of America with it's relaxed lifestyle and funky cities. I loved the West of Canada with its rugged mountains and stunning nature. I adored the East of Canada and all its unexplored treasures and amazing people. I revelled in the hustle and bustle of the East coast of the States with it's fun, hectic metropolitans. I had the time of my life exploring the beauties of Northern Europe- both familiar and foreign- visiting old homes and cherished friends and family, as well as exploring amazing new territory. I laughed, ate and drank too much in the UK and only wanted more. I laughed so much, and was humbled often by the beauty, simplicity and sometimes overwhelming nature of life in South East Asia. I did it all with my best friend and love of my life, and we met some unforgettable people, and made friends for life.

I'm pretty damn lucky, and I'm grateful for every moment I had in the last 7 months- it was a happy, crazy, amazing whirlwind. x

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