Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dress to impress!

 We went to the Balck Opal stakes- the Canberra Races! It's pretty much just an excuse to dress up and drink champagne in the middle of the day. What could be better?
 I forced my brother to take photos of me twirling in my perfect twirling dress! Believe it or not, this dress belonged to my Mormor (Swedish Grandma)- true 50's vintage! I really loved taking it for a much deserved day out! I felt very fabulous.
 My baaaby
 My little Marc Jacobs shoes Mum picked up at a market in Melbourne!
 The beautiful Nicky with her lovely Dean!
 Prettiest ladies there!
 They take fashion very seriously at the races! 
 In the betting room! Because we're clearly hardcore gambers. Us and all our money... Er.
 Looking smart, boys!
A wonderful day of sunshine, colours, champagne and laughs with some of my very favourite people. x

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