Sunday, February 24, 2013


After our first day of exploring pretty much the whole of San Fran on foot (up and down about a million hills, might I add), we decided to switch up our mode of transportation for a day exploring a certain famous bridge and an equally iconic creepy little island.
 We were told SF would be grey, cloudy and rainy at all times. Yet- we had the most glorious few days!! This was the warmest, loveliest day we had seen in about 5 months- damn was I glad to see some sunshine and not have to wear my puffy snow jacket!!
 Pale little ghosties!
 Badass fo sho
 We cycled across the golden gate and over to the little neighbouring town of Sausalito- a super gorgeous, sleepy little seaside town where we had the most delicious salami sandwiches (which I ate so fast I didn't manage to document), and of course- a bottle of wine to go with it (don't worry- we were done with riding by this stage, so we didn't drink and ride!)
 Ice cream for dessert was necessary, clearly! Especially in the delicious sunshine!
We caught the ferry back to the city rather than attempting the (extremely uphill) ride back- gorgeous views of the city included!
 In the afternoon it came time for another ferry ride. Out to... Alcatraz!
 We went on a night tour, arriving in the late afternoon. It started off with a little walking tour up to the main prison, where we were told a bit about the island's history and political significance. Particularly interesting was its history as a place of occupation for native indian protesters during the 60's
Seeing some of those faces and hearing the stories was pretty creepy- some of them were truly quite disturbing. However it interested me greatly that a lot of the people held on Alcatraz weren't necessary the most hardened, sick criminals- some were simply young boys who had been caught on petty offences and subsequently attempted to escape from a different prison, and thereby sent to the 'inescapable' prison island. Of course, some were of the truly nasty category.
One of the scariest inmates
 It was an almost eerie beautiful sunset from the island. Luckily we managed to escape...

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