Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rekindled love

Leaving a place really does make you appreciate what you have and see your home in a new light. It's just too easy to get bored and wish for change, but I'm realising there really is a lot more to my little home town than I sometimes give it credit for. So, since returned home I have been rekindling my love for Canberra- doing my favourite things as well as trying to explore some new spots.
 One of my favourite things to do in summer is have a picnic by the Lake. It's so beautiful and peaceful. 
 This is my baby cat- Sybilla. I missed her furry face! The roof of our shed is her favourite spot.
 Oh, and did I mention I love the sun? And the heat? Yeeeahhh
 This little munchkin is Ollie, Tim's nephew. SUCH a little charmer- too cute!
 I love roses after a summer rain, glistening with droplets.
Life's not too bad here, really. In fact, it's pretty lovely. x

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