Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep it weird.

It feels a little weird writing this as it seems like a lifetime ago we were in the US, let alone Portland, which wasn't even the last stop... We got home a few days ago, and it really is lovely to be home. But it's also great to reminisce, so I'll do a few posts on the last couple of weeks before moving onto anything from here!
Portland was a bit of a random choice of city to venture to- we knew pretty much nothing about it, but it happened to be a cheap bus ride away from Seattle and we had some time left to explore the US, so we decided to give it a try!
I'm so glad that we did. Portland is like a smaller, cleaner, greener little brother of Seattle- a bit of a hippie town with a million pubs and bars, coffee shops and organic cafes, book stores and thrift shops. We wandered the city, drank coffee and beer, ate hot dogs and donuts, justified shopping despite absolutely no room left in our luggage, and admired the relaxed, clean, pretty Portland style.
Speaking of donuts- this was one thing we had heard of before we got there- the (somewhat) famous Voodoo donut shop- complete with a compulsory line out the door.
We gave them a try, (and of course Tim had the girlier pink and coconut-flaked one), and they were alright. Nothing spectacular (my lemon filling had a distinct artificial tang, and Tim's was dry, really), but there you go.
Tim being a creeper in the Tugboat Pub and Brewing Co, which was an adorable old pub with so much character and great beer, too. Plus we played cluedo- what could be better!
There was lots of awesome street art and sculptures
I mentioned before that Munro's books in Victoria was the best book store I had found up until that point.. well, that all changed when we found POWELLS. It is an amazing emporium of 3 levels and many many rooms of new and used books, with great displays, amazing prices, reading rooms and an amazing cafe. It was so awesome, I could have spent days in there.
See anything wrong with this picture? Tim grew rather attached to his mane-like lumberjack hat.
Then the time finally came. To say goodbye to our newfound lovely city, but most importantly- our awesome little travel companion. Gemma has since skipped, hopped (or maybe flown) over to Boston, Tokyo and now Brisbane, before eventually returning to her native kiwi home. It was a great adventure for those weeks with you, we miss you!! See you in NZ, friend. x

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