Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yesterday I handed in my last paper to Dalhousie- semester down! A bit of a bittersweet feeling, as that means we leave a week from today... Sad times. But, I'm really looking forward to my week of gallivanting and exploring the things I haven't had a chance to yet!

I've been looking through some photos I took this semester, and just thought I'd share some ones that make me happy and I haven't shared yet!
 One of my best friends here- Anne! Such a cutie, I've never met a more smiley, lovely thing!
Tim casually being a male model in sunnier and warmer times!
 Discovering that they actually have beaches in Canada!
 Tim looks like he's about to strangle me, but I still love this picture :). In beautiful fall- I seriously loved the spectacular show the trees put on for us, it was glorious.
 This is my lovely friend Jess. She's Canadian but lived in Sweden last year (and speaks almost perfect Swedish- she's amazing). Tim and I are lucky enough to be able to visit her in Ottawa when we leave here- I can't wait!
 Have I mentioned that Halifax has a bit of Titanic history? They sent one of the first fleet of rescue ships to the wreckage. As we all know, they were mostly too late, but brought back the bodies to be buried here. This was from the (rather underwhelming) titanic exhibition at the maritime museum here- there were lots of huge ship replicas, and then we got to the titanic replica and it was tiny! Disappointing. But cool tid-bit of history, anyway. Also, know the old lady from the titanic movie, when she drops the necklace into the water? That was a teacher from Dalhousie! They apparently had to practice that over and over, because they first made the necklace out of glass so it didn't sink- not quite the effect they were after. Lots of fun facts for your day.
 This was from October- pumpkin season! SO much pumpkin. Love.
Tim and a gigantic pumpkin.
The lovely Hannah and Gemma- from a spectacular night of wine and cheese!
Baby Anne and I being supportive of friends at a rugby game
Peace x

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