Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lady of liesure

The last few days I have had a lot of me-dates. And done whatever. I. want. It's been awesome. The other night I went to the art gallery. It was fantastic. An amazing display of seven of Canada's greatest artists, plus a wonderful contemporary exhibition, as well as a fantastic display of inuit art. Tip for anyone in Halifax; it's free on thursday nights, and its great! This first one is by Andrea Mortson from Toronto, 1969.
Tom Forrestall- Middleton, Nova Scotia, 1936
How amazing would it be to have a fireplace like this?! By Joe Norris- Halifax, 1924
There was also a wonderful exhibition about the life of beloved Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis. She seemed like quite the lady. She covered every inch of her house and furniture with beautiful flowers, forrest creatures, woodland scenes and farm life paintings. And now her entire (tiny) house lives in the Halifax art gallery! I respected the no photography rule they had for that exhibition, but it was pretty special.
Something else that was pretty special. Movember. The month of the mexican drug dealers and mario brothers. Not in a good way.
Lucky he's still pretty cute.
December has brought the chill factor down again. Still no snow sticking around which is rather disappointing- where's my compensation for the bitter cold? Oh, I guess mulled wine, cinnamon whisky and gingerbread will do. ;)
I love Christmas. I'm so glad we've gotten to do a few family-Christmas-y things; decorated a tree, had a yummy home cooked meal, baked (Swedish) cinnamon buns, had mulled wine... so cozy.
The other day I had an adorable little care package waiting for me- vegemite, lollies, love notes and music, from the love of my life <3 (thanks Katie baby!) x
Fizzerss! Maka me go carazy!
Yesterday I took full advantage of my freedom. In the morning I walked up to fairview graveyard- the site of the burial of 150 titanic victims. It was quite moving- to see all those tombstones with only dates, the large majority of them were unidentified. We all know the story of the titanic- but the movie and my imagination have made it into such a fantasy- seeing the reality of the tragedy really hit home with me.
This was the tombstone of a little boy who remained unknown until recently when they finally managed to identify him.
We've had some really beautiful winter days recently. It's glorious when the sun comes out to play.
I spent the rest of the day wandering around North Halifax- easily some of my favourite areas are up there. I'm really glad I've taken the time to explore the city- there are some beautiful place if you just take the time to look.
Everyone's getting their Christmas best out
One thing that I find quite interesting about Halifax is that the place always feels like it's changing- or unfinished. So many houses are half-painted, or half-renovated. It gives the city a bit of a ramshackle, perhaps even worn-out feel, but I think it adds character- and charm.
The Hydrostone neighbourhood- another personal favourite. I love love love the little bakery- amazing breads and almond croissants and fabulous coffee.
Do you remember when we used to have neighbourhood watch signs around towns back home? Do they still exist? It made me happy to see it- I really feel safe and comfortable in Halifax, there's such a sense of community. YET. It apparently has the second highest rate of homicides in Canada. Pretty crazy. But i guess the country is overall pretty damn safe, so that doesn't really say too much.
More pretty houses- I love all the colours of Hali.
This blurry phone photo doesn't do it justice- but the was the BEST pizza I've event had. Om nom nom. Prosciutto, blue cheese, pear and arugula- amazing. A little restaurant with a real Italian pizza stove, where they combine traditional techniques with fresh, local produce to incredible results- Morris East. If you have the chance- go. mmm.
Still loving my red locks! x

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