Sunday, October 14, 2012

One fine day

A few weeks ago we had a glorious, sunny, clear day. With the chill now creeping through my bones it feels like an age ago. Luckily we made the most of it with a day trip out of the city to the iconic lighthouse and fishing village at Peggy's Cove, less than an hour away.
 Lobster nets
 Casually being a giant
Before I arrived here and looked up pictures of Halifax and nova Scotia, this little town and it's white and red lighthouse cropped up everywhere. It really is a gorgeous little spot- crawling with tourists but still lovely and sleepy- feeling, and a relaxing place to spend a beautiful day off.

We took our time stopping at little hidden spots along the way, and had a lazy fish and chips lunch. This was our very first trip out of Halifax- exciting!- and we had a gorgeous day.

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