Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time Out

So. It's been a while! My biggest bloggy-break since I started writing this little thing I think! The thing is, I've been busy. Busy and somewhat uninspired. It's really quite difficult to write about things that just seem so... ordinary. Because lately, life has been exceptionally ordinary. Don't get me wrong, it's actually been really great at times, with a lot of fun outings and little mini-breaks, but mostly I have been studying. Working. Studying. Study, study. Booring. Certainly not blog-worthy. And then when I have done something worth writing about, like trips to Sydney to see my wonderful sis, great nights out with my cute gals, awesome concerts- I forget to document them. And I don't think my writing is exciting enough to go without pictures. Let's be honest, you're probably not reading this at all and have already skipped down through the pics to see if it's more exciting down there. Fair enough. 

Anyway. Last week I finished off my last exams for the semester. WOOOOHOOO. Seriously, I could not finish them fast enough!! This semester has felt tough. A little rougher than usual. My motivation deserted me somewhere along the road, occasionally stopping by just enough to push me along, but it has certainly been lagging. But I think I know what I did wrong. I wasn't busy enough. I know, I know- I just said I've been really busy. I have, just not in a constant, routine-y kind of busy, more in a sudden, rushed way. So I think I need to get a job. Ha. I have been volunteering and occupying myself with various bits and pieces, but I think I'm a bit of a creature of routine. I need constant work to keep me on my toes and motivated. I definitely work best under pressure. So yeah, for the second half of this super-quickly-dissapearing year, I'm working on that. Time to job hunt. Ugh. After I have a little holiday time, that is, ha!

Here are some pics from a little celebratory mini-getaway last week to Tim's farm. Oh it's so lovely out there.
Getting my cowgirl on!
Tim and his friend, two peas in a pod.
It's so beautiful this time of year. I really love autumn.
So many cool, random old things around the place. I love this vintage horse trailer.
Tim was really in his element, making friends everywhere.
We even went on a little exploration down the road to Gebralter Falls! 
Yes! Canberra has a waterfall, in case you were wondering. Probably has more than one in fact, I don't know. It was pretty cool really!
What could be a better end to the day than toasted MARSHMALLOWS?? Nothing, that's what. :)


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