Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Edit.

I have always loved double exposure photography. When I dabbled with manual photography I loved the accidentally- awesome mistake when the film would stuff up and expose two images on to the one frame. Sometimes it would ruin the photo and look terrible and over-exposed, but sometimes, it created a bit of a masterpiece (usually mine were the former, to be honest). So, I decided why not do the same, but with a bit more control, to some of my favourite digital images? The first photo is one Tim took of me in Halifax, which I put some pretty autumn leaves over, because I love leaves! That first one was just using an image off photoshop, but in the below ones I used two images I had taken myself to create the effect.
This was a bit of a fave of Tim and I on the ferry from Sausalito over to San Fran Sisco. I decided to try two different images on top- the first one an American Flag graffiti we found, also in SF, and below, some magnolia flowers from the same trip. Not sure which I like best, but in the first one both images are pretty strong so maybe they're not that balanced.. but I like it anyway!
Then I decided to turn my pretty flower Nicola into a pretty flower!! Hehe I love this one, she looks so cute. The flower pic was one I took on a recent trip to the Pialago nurseries.

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements, and this awesome tutorial, so I'm not going to bother to explain the process (which is actually really easy), if you want to do it yourself, go here!: 

This past weekend was filled with fun events, dancing, gallivanting, camping, bonfires, beach babes and lots of laughs, so I'll have more good photos coming soon that I may just play around with as well!

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