Monday, July 29, 2013

And then life happened!

I really have loved having this little space of the inter-web to indulge in a bit of blabbing about myself, but alas, I think the time has come the walrus said. Time to bid thee farewell, old friend.

I've been too busy living life to take as many photos of it and write about it, as sad as that may be for all of you out that hanging on to your seats in anticipation of my next post! (Ha!) The last few months have been hectic- I got a job, picked up extra classes, took up self defense-slash martial arts (krav maga) (that lasted about three weeks- but I could totally get out of a headlock if anyone feels like trying!), and have been to many gigs and on many random Sydney/Coast trips. So, taking photos and writing about myself has taken a backseat. I still love photography, and I still want to hone my mad skillz- and I still plan on doing that, but I think I might find a different platform for my hobby. Like a photo album perhaps. Printing photos is underrated! Or maybe I'll venture onto flikr or tumblr and become a real member of my generation. We'll see. :)
For now, good bye! Thanks for listening/reading/viewing/being there. It's been fun. x

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