Thursday, June 21, 2012


In less than two weeks (!), my guy and I are going on a pretty much crazy-awesome oversees adventure, so here's a bit of an itinerary so that anyone who wants to can know where we are and when (and cry a bit with jealousy.. suckers).

South East Asia

4th-6th July: Bangkok
6th-9th July: Chiang Mai
9th-12th July: Chiang Rai
12th-15th July: (via the Mekong River)
 Chiang Rai- Luang Prabang
15th-17th July: Vang Vien
17th-18th July: Vientiane
18th-21st July: Phnom Phen
21st-24tj July: Siem Reap
24th-25th July: Bangkok

Scandinavia / Europe

25th- 29th July: Helsinki
29th July- 1st Aug: Copenhagen
1st-4th Aug: Nygård (at my Aunt's)
4th-7th Aug: Norrtälje (with more family
7th-9th Aug: Stockholm
9th-12th Aug: Road trip somewhere in Sweden
12th-14th Aug: Oslo
14th-20th Aug: Reykjavik
20th-25th Aug: Edinburg
25th-28th Aug: Paris

US / Canada

28th-31st Aug: New York
31st Aug- end of December- Halifax, Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University exchange)
End of December- 28th January- Travel the west coast, fly out of San Fransisco

So there we have it! Asia is mostly unplanned, we have 3 nights accomodation and one flight booked, so it's all pretty likely to change, but at least I have a rough guide! If anyone has any suggestions of places we HAVE to go, things we MUST see, places we NEED to stay, please let me know.

*the above photos are all from Pinterest, below photos belong to me.

Some photos from previous trips to Sweden- SO excited to go back to my second home.

My Aunt's amazing farm in the south of Sweden, only my favourite place on earth (the picture of the blue door above is from there too.

They even have gingerbread named after me there, clearly where I belong.


Counting down- only 12 days!

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