Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Take Off!

So now I'm sitting on my huge bed in our first guesthouse, Sivarin Guesthouse in Bangkok! It's about 6am here, but I'm too excited to sleep more although Tim keeps kicking me to turn off the laptop... But I have to write my first actual 'oversees' post- that is what this was for after all!

The flight went pretty quickly with some good chick flicks and kid's movies, which invariably had me sobbing a few times (who knew 'We bought a Zoo' would be so emotional?! I blame the altitude). There were no screaming babies and the food was edible so all in all it went pretty quickly. Then after about an hour taxi ride to our get into the city (costing us less than $10), and a bit of a trek in the pouring rain down the street as it was one way and the cab driver took us to the wrong end, we got here!

The guesthouse is lovely, the room and bed is huge and has aircon, all for about $12 a night- not missing the Canberra prices, that's for sure! After a great sleep and only one mishap in which Tim wakes me to inform me that my brother has stolen money out of his account ('You were dreaming, darling, go back to sleep'), I'm pretty ready to tackle our free buffet breakfast and then this huge, bustling city!

Ciao for now (need to learn me some Thai!) x


  1. I love your blog! :)

    Hope your guys are enjoying Bangkok! I am so incredibly jealous! I love Bangkok/Asia/travelling!

    Clare x

  2. Thanks love! Its amazing, we're having so much fun already, the days seem to last so long!! xx