Friday, June 15, 2012


It's almost TWO WEEKS untill my guy and I hop off on our little adventure, stopping off at some temples, perusing some glaciers, foraging through markets and cheese shops and even reading some text books thrown in there somewhere! Which is why, last weekend, I decided I needed a little trip before the trip.

So, as a little tester of how I will go about this blogging thing when I am actually over there, I thought I'd post some little tidbits of our weekend in Melbourne.

I love the feel of a city with art and culture popping up around every corner. Next to rubbish bins and the like.

We strolled down some lovely laneways and alleys, the kind that make you want to sip wine and read something dark and romantic. Well, the former I accomplished with success, at least!

What else do I do when on holidays?


 One red velvet delicious?... or ten?...

A bit of of amazing coffee to get us through the exhaustion that comes with eating...

And more eating.. There are some seriously great cafes going around in that town! If only I could remember the name of this adorable one that served our amazing sandwiches on rustic wooden chopping boards and had quite the collection of cakes and goodies.

Besides eating, we also stumbled upon some pretty great shops, among them this wonderful little gallery on Brunswick street of artwork inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Pretty darn gorgeous.

And well, it was World Gin Day. Which of course we took very seriously.

Hope you had a happy one too!

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