Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Boat

After spending four wonderful days at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in the middle of Sweden, we moved on to more family, in the little harbor town of Norrtalje, about an hour north of Stockholm. If there was somewhere in Sweden that feels most like home, that I’m most familiar with, then it’s this cute little town. My Mum grew up on Vaddo, an island in the archipelago just outside the town, so the whole area holds a lot of memories and friends. My grandmother (Mormor) also lived here for the last 14 or so years of her life, after moving out of the big house they grew up in on Vaddo. As much as I wish my Mormor was still around, I am grateful to have a place to come full of so many happy memories and love.

After driving up with Mum and Dad, we drove to a nearby harbor to meet with my Aunt and Uncle on their beautiful ‘holiday home’- a boat. I was so happy Tim got a chance to see this side of Sweden, as it is best seen- in my opinion- from sea. We had a spectacular, sunny day, which was super lucky as they had been having a generally terrible summer.

The next day we went out to visit Mamma’s old house in Vaddo, a beautiful little island. We soaked up the sun, ate lots of smoked fish and icecream and visited old neighbors. The rest of the time we spent wandering the little cobble stone streets of Norrtalje and eating good food in great company.

Pretty Mamma x

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